Web Sealing Machine

Web Sealing Machine

Can be used with manual or pneumatic pushing mechanism

  • After the process of sealing & cutting, the products enter the shrink tunnel .
  • Semi Automatic Sleeve Wrapping Machine suitable for shrink packing both single object and multiple matrixed objects in a bundle.
  • For Shrink packing in many industries, such as Printing, Pharmacy, Tiles, Chinaware, Beverage, Beer etc.
  • It is more suitable for heavy shrink films such as PE.
  • To be used with shrink tunnel model 5540M
  • Pneumatic Pusher & Auto Sensor Conveyor.
  • Digital P.L.C Systems.
  • MOC - M.S Power Coated



Model Description Delivery C.O.O Unit Price Qty
6540SA Web Sealing Machine upto 2 Weeks China Rs.140,000
6540SA+5540M Web Sealer With Shrink Tunnel upto 2 Weeks China Rs.250,000
Technical Specification
Sealing Arm 31"
Sealer Sealing Wire SS 304
Max Packing Size(inch) 18 x 14 
Max Sealing Length (inch) 27 with Hot Bar Sealing
Working Air Pressure(kgf) 6 Bar
Power Consumption 1.5 kw
Heater 18 kw
Heater Type 24" U type
Operating Temp 140 - 160 digree C
Blower Motor 3 pcs x 1/4 HP x 2800 RPM
Conveyor Motor 1.0 HP x 1380 RPM
Connecting Load 20 kw
Running Load 4 to 5 kw
Power Supply 230V AC, 1PH
Dimensions(LxWxH)(mm) 900x750x1800
Net Weight(kg) 250

Control Panel
Contracter SIEMENS
Digital Timer MULTISPAN
Temp. Controller MULTISPAN
Rotary Switch L & T
Photo Cell ITC
Proxy Switch ITC